AED Scholarship Giveaway

The AED Scholarship Giveaway will begin January 27th, 2022 and end March 23rd, 2022

     Alpha Epsilon Delta UH prides itself in our ability to provide members with amazing opportunities, and this semester we've decided take it up a notch. This Spring 2022 semester, Alpha Epsilon Delta UH is proud to present the AED Scholarship Giveaway!

     The AED Scholarship will be awarded to those showing not only academic promise, but to those who have shown resilience throughout hardships and view their future career as a way to further grow. A grand prize of $750 will be awarded to the applicant that displays the key values of Alpha Epsilon Delta: pursuing truth, valuing honor and teamwork.

Giveaway Rules:

     Prospective applicants can apply to the AED Scholarship Giveaway by filling out the questionnaire below. All questions must be answered and they must be answered to the best of your abilities. The winner will be announced on March 24th, 2022 or at GBM 4.

**Only one application per person is allowed**

If you have any questions about the AED Scholarship Giveaway, please contact by email at with "AED Scholarship" in the subject line.

Click this link if you are having issues viewing the google form.