Kaplan Scholarship

The Kaplan Scholarship Giveaway will begin February 10th, 2022. or GBM #2

     Courtesy of our lovely sponsor Kaplan, AED will be hosting a scholarship giveaway of two $2,499 scholarships (1 per winner) to our AED members! To increase your chances of winning you must follow the instructions below to gain the most points possible. The greater your points, the greater your chances.

Giveaway Rules:

  1. 1 point: Recruit a friend to subscribe to the AED Listserv for our updates on upcoming events and opportunities by March 10th, 2022 or GBM #4.

  2. 2 points: Bring said friend to our GBM meetings! You earn a point every time a recruited friend signs in or out at our GBMs.

  3. 5 points: If your recruited friend decides to become an official member of AED (i.e. complete the membership application and pay membership dues) you will earn an extra 5 points!

Recruited AED membership applications should be emailed to aed.uofh@gmail.com with "Remy - Kaplan Scholarship" in the subject line

Reminder: Membership Applications are due February 24th or GBM #3, while Membership Dues are due March 10th or GBM #4.

Please read the attached document below for greater details regarding the rules of this Scholarship Giveaway, and other necessary steps to ensure you earn your points. And, as always, feel free to reach out with any questions. Good luck!

Click this link if you are having issues viewing the document.