MCAT Book Rentals



Examkrackers books:

  • Reasoning Skills: Verbal (CARS), Research and Math

  • Biology 1: Molecules Manual

  • Biology 2: Systems Manual

  • Psychology & Sociology Manual

  • Chemistry Manual

  • Physics Manual


 Princeton Review books:

  • Medical Essays

  • Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook

  • In-Class Compendium

  • Science Workbook

  • Psychology and Sociology Review

  • Physics and Math Review

  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills Review


Med-Pathway books:

  • Advanced Practice for the 2015 MCAT


The Requirements to rent a book are as follows:

  1. Must be a paying member of AED.

  2. Only ONE BOOK may be checked out at a time, for 2 WEEK periods. 

  3. If the book is not returned within 2 week from the check-out date, then a late fee of $15 will be incurred.

  4. After turning in a book, you may not check out that same book for at least a week, although you are free to check out another book.

  5. In order to check out a book, you must put down a $25 deposit. Your deposit will be returned to you once you return the book in an adequate condition.

  6. You may not write in the books, tear out pages of the book, or damage the book in any way or you will forfeit your $25 deposit.

  7. **If you do not return the book at all, you will forfeit your active membership status for the semester, regardless of how many events you attend.

CHECK-IN/OUT TIME: Office hours

There are printed contracts for you to sign as well as a check-in/check-out sheet that acts as a log for our AED library. Please respect the materials, as they are meant to be shared with your fellow members.




Please Click on the following link below if you wish to rent a MCAT book then fill out the form.