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Pins and Stickers (Pre-order)

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AED exclusive Pins & Stickers are officially OPEN!


We are keeping our Pins & Stickers Shop open throughout this entire semester to give our members ample time to get the souvenir from AED. So don't be shy - buy an exclusive AED Pins & Stickers today!

Price of Pins:

AED logo Pins: $5

"AED on 123" : $5

Price of Stickers:

"Alpha Epsilon Delta" sticker: $2

​AED logo insignia sticker: $3

​Pins & Stickers PayPal Link

AED Hoodie Orders can be made by sending payments to with Paypal or cash at GBM ONLY.


**Please specify your order in the Paypal payment comment. EX: "Pins, AED on 123". Thank you!** 

If you have any question, contact us at

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