AED Stands With Palestine

What's happening:

Recently Palestinians have experienced increasingly violent acts of ethnic cleansing and apartheid, resulting in 213 deaths and 1,240 injuries from the airstrike attacks on Gaza, not including the number of Palestinian families forcibly removed from their homes by Israeli colonizers military forces. These crimes are not new; Palestinians have experienced violent ethnic discrimination like this for over 70 years, and today it is reaching its boiling point.

As a student organization that prides ourselves in our integrity, honesty and dedication to progress, UH Alpha Epsilon Delta firmly stands with the Palestinian people against the discrimination and violence they've faced on behalf of the Israeli government. It is high time we do what we can as an organization to help those currently experiencing the apartheid and violent ethnic discrimination taking place overseas.

How you can help:

Fundraiser Event:

UH Alpha Epsilon Delta is currently holding a fundraiser on Instagram to raise donations for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and The Palestinian American Cultural Center (PACC). This fundraiser will run from Saturday May 22nd to Saturday June 5th, and all donations up to $450 will be matched. We would love to post your generous contributions to this great cause to our Instagram story. While we would like you to include your Instagram handle in your donation, individuals who wish to remain anonymous may skip this step. In this case, your donation will be included in our story without your name. If you are interested in participating in our fundraiser you can find our Instagram page here.

Individual Donations, Petition and Other Resources:

While UH Alpha Epsilon Delta is donating as an organization we highly encourage you to continue donating individually where you can. Below you can find a list of additional charities and organizations you can donate to along with a petition and additional resources to learn more about the current events in Palestine.We encourage you to share these resources so we can continue raising awareness of these violent acts against Palestinians and collect donations to help those impacted by these violent crimes. Thank you for your support!

**All titles listed are hyperlinked to their corresponding webpage**


  • Healthcare Workers Stand With Palestine - A group of socialist health care workers put forward a statement in solidarity with Palestine and against Israel's brutal attacks, which happens with the support of U.S. imperialism.

Additional Charities:

  • Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) - donations help ensure Palestinian hospitals have proper medical resources to help those harmed by the violence in Gaza and Jerusalem.

  • iF Charity - donations will help the rebuilding of homes and go towards medical aid in Gaza.

  • American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA) - donations go towards immediate emergency relief and well-being for Palestinian and Syrian refugees and other vulnerable communities in Palestine.

  • The Palestinian American Cultural Center (PACC) - Houston based organization that works to empower the Palestinian-American community and advocates for equality and freedom of Palestinians everywhere.

  • United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) - provides assistance and protection to Palestinian Refugees.

  • The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) - donations are used to help children that experienced the airstrikes in Gaza receive medical aid, including free medical care and sponsor international doctor volunteers.

  • Islamic Relief - donations go towards providing financial support, food, medical care, and public safety to Palestinians.

  • Save the Children - donations help children in occupied Palestinian territory receive first aid kits, hygiene kits and sources of electricity.

  • ActionAid - donations go towards providing support such as food, shelter, cash and psycho-social help for worst hit families in Gaza.

Key Resources:

**originally posted May 22nd

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