Hobbies During Covid

Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well with all the events currently going on in the world. The ongoing

pandemic, school, work, can be incredibly stressful for all of us. With the pandemic still in full force, it is important to still wear masks and social distance. After months of isolating, it can be hard to spend an extended period of time alone than what we are used to. However, something that can definitely help to ease this pain until we are back to normal would be to develop a new hobby! Developing a new hobby is a great way to pass time as it allows one to better themselves and even unlock hidden talents.

Now while we all do enjoy sleep, and it is definitely something you can do rather than starting a new

hobby, there are also many reasons why developing a hobby is better. Hobbies help relieve stress by

allowing you to relax and do something you enjoy. They also improve your social life by allowing you to create bonds with people who have a similar interest. Furthermore, they reduce boredom by giving you something to spend your time doing. Next, they can make you more patient because they can take time and practice to get good at, and finally they can increase your perspective by exposing you to new ideas and opinions. Now that these reasons have hopefully convinced you to develop a hobby, I will provide a list of hobbies and why they are good to consider.

1. The Arts

The arts include singing, dancing, drawing, painting, playing an instrument, and so much more. The arts are a good hobby to develop because they serve as another language or a means of expression. Through one’s art, other people can understand more about the artist. It can also be interrupted in a different way than the artist intended and inspire others to create their own art.

2. Fitness

Fitness is a good hobby because it allows you to take care of your body while having fun. Fitness includes activities like sports, the gym, Zumba, yoga, and more. Fitness and exercise promote strong muscles and bones while also improving respiratory functions, cardiovascular health, and one’s overall health. As we only have one life to live, it is in our best interest to take care of our bodies while we are still young and able to.

3. Philanthropy

Philanthropy is important because it is giving back to the community and promoting the general welfare of others. Philanthropy can include anything like volunteering, tree planting, donating, and more. While it may be hard to give back to the community during COVID, if possible, and safe it is something to consider. Giving your time and effort to others will only encourage others to do it as well and this will lead to a domino effect.

These are just a few hobbies you can develop during COVID, but there are so many more. If none of

these suit you, below are a few links to other hobbies you can take up.




Thank you so much for reading

-Seun Lagbenro

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