Let's talk about Research!

Are your classes getting Bohr-ring? Get involved in research!

During my freshman year, I grew tired of sitting in lectures and learning about different topics without being able to apply any of the new information. So, when I learned of an opportunity to participate in summer research, I jumped at the chance. I was accepted into the DASH (Data Analytics in Student Hands) program, run by Dr. Price & Andrew Kapral. Not only did I get the opportunity to learn about the many applications for data in community health research, but I also gained amazing faculty mentors that guided me through every step of my research journey and friends that continue to inspire me with their work. Research, whether wet or dry, is an amazing opportunity to learn techniques and skills that allow you to apply what you learn in the classroom in real life.

Personally, my biggest takeaway from my research experience was the importance of cancer diagnosis and the impact health policies can have on the ability of people (especially those with limited English proficiency) to be diagnosed. There are limitless possibilities to what you can study when engaging in research, and I recommend that everyone dip their toes in to better understand what research is. Please know that ANYONE can get involved in research as long as you are determined and passionate, and that you DO NOT always need to have prior experience to participate in a research program!

How to Get Involved In Research:

- After getting to know a professor, feel free to ask them about the research they do or if they "know any ways you can get involved in research"

- Search for summer research programs online and apply if you're eligible! (they typically require a resume, transcript and personal statement)

- Sign up for the AED & UH OURMA newsletters, which send you upcoming opportunities right to your inbox!

- Feel free to reach out to me! (I love research and would love to help others get involved!)

Thank You and Good Luck,

Manushi Vatani

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