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Hey guys, the officers and I are extremely excited to be starting another year with all the old and new members of Alpha Epsilon Delta. We are extremely bummed that we cannot see your beautiful faces in person, but we have to stay safe and stay at home during this pandemic. Since we are mostly online, we wanted to stay connected with the members and create a blog that will hopefully provide great information and resources on AED and every other aspect of life as well. It is a great way to stay connected and updated with some of the events going on and AED overall.

I wanted to start off this blog with an introduction to Alpha Epsilon Delta and express some of the reasons our members and officers enjoy being in this organization.

Alpha Epsilon Delta is one of the largest pre-med organizations at the University of Houston, and although we are large, we are still a close family. There are so many opportunities to look out for, including medical school tours, talking to physicians, cadaver lab tours, hands-on workshops, and so much more. It is a great place to gain resources and insight into the healthcare field and find people who are also on the same journey as you are.



Here are some of the reasons why people love AED and what they got from this experience:

“My favorite thing about AED would definitely have to be how much it feels like family. I love being around AED members because everyone is just as motivated to want to do good in life. By being in AED I have gained many friendships with so many people and great opportunities to become the best version of myself.” -Daniela Trejo

“My favorite thing about AED is the fact that I know I can rely on people that are in the same situation as me and it makes me feel like I am not alone in this journey. I’ve gained friendships and confidence within myself.” -Emiliano Esparza

“My favorite thing about AED is definitely the people that are a part of it. Being an AED member gives me constant inspiration to pursue my highest goals as a premed. “ -Jericho Morilla

“My favorite thing about AED is definitely the opportunity for social and professional growth. I’ve gained both a larger social circle and more resources for my professional development as a result of AED.” -Jesse Hoang

“My favorite thing about AED is the fun and helpful experiences like med school tours and physicians speaking at general meetings. I gained a lot of friends along the way, as well as finding inspiration to study medicine.” -Kristen Tran

Ivy Wong

Treasurer 2020-2021

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