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Rishitaa Tamminana


Rishitaa Tamminana

This year’s head of the table is Rishitaa Tamminana. This president is a senior Psychology major who can often be found picking things apart, whether that be people, poetry, or life. When she isn’t knee-deep in this unwavering cesspool that is the medical profession, she can be found binging the same two movies, reading the same two books, or looping the same two songs. Consistency is key in her life, it helps ground the flight-risk that she is.

She is surrounded by soul ties that have stood by her side through the worst and celebrated the best, her friends are her everything. They have taught her humanity and the essence of life, the very thing she would like to pour into her work. Therefore, what could be better than healing people, helping them reach for their life once again?

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