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Satvik Gundre

Events Coordinator

Satvik Gundre

The guy next to you is Satvik Gundre, who is the Events Coordinator for Alpha Epsilon Delta at the University of Houston for the 2024-2025 term. He is a sophomore majoring in Honors Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Medicine & Society. In his free time, Satvik enjoys watching and playing different types of sports including football, basketball, tennis, and even racing. He also likes to play video games with others and garden with his family. Satvik is eager to contribute as an officer and create a strong community within AED. He is passionate about helping others break out of their bubble and teaching others the value of building strong connections as AED has helped him do the same. Satvik is excited to get to know every one of you this upcoming year!

As the Events Coordinator, my primary responsibilities are events scheduling and organization. I try to partner with other organizations to host events, give descriptions on the websites about the events, and keep track of how popular events are for future purposes.

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