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  • How can I join?
    We have 2 types of memberships, Associate and National memberships. For new members, we recommend applying for our Associate membership via our "Applications" tab on our website. It's a $30 fee for one semester and a $50 fee for a year long membership. More details can be found on the Applications tab.
  • What if I paid for a year-long membership in the Spring, does it carry over?
    Yes! Buying a year-long membership in the Spring means that you don't have to renew your membership until the new application application cycle opens up during the next Spring semester.
  • What is AED?
    AED is a National Premedical Honor Society dedicated to providing resources and tools for development and your pre-professional needs.
  • Will there be in-person events this year?
    Yes, although there are no mandatory in-person events for the Fall semester, we will be having in-person events this year. All events will be adhering to strict social distancing guidelines and be exercised with caution.
  • Where can I check to see how many points I have?
    Your active status, along with how many points you have, can be checked under our "Membership logs" tab.
  • What should I do if I missed a General Body Meeting?
    If you missed a GBM, the Prezi can be found on out website under the "Resources" tab.
  • What should I do if I missed the shirt pick-up date?
    Don't worry, there will be plenty more dates coming up for you to pick up your shirt, just keep a look out in your email for the next available date! If it is the end of the school year, feel free to shoot us an email. Make sure you're signed up for our Listserv to stay up to date.
  • Is AED just for Pre-Medical students?
    Nope!! Here at AED, we provide resources for all Pre-Health students, and the resources provided can even help you if you're not Pre-Health at all!
  • Can I join as a transfer student?
    Yes, we welcome all students! You should join by filling out our Associate and or National application found under the "Memberships" tab or the link "How to become member" at home page.
  • Can I attend the General Body Meeting and events if I am not a member?
    Yes! We are open to all students and would love to welcome you to AED. We always keep track of your points so that when you do become a member we have an accurate count.
  • What are the benefits of been a national member?
    As a national member, you have priority for all limited-spot events such as Intubation Clinics, Suture workshops, medical school tours, and more. This is important because sign-up for these events are first-come-first-serve and fill up very quickly.
  • Do you have to be a member of AED starting from freshman year?
    No! AED offers semester-long member and year-long memberships. You can join anytime during your undergraduate education.
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