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HPAC: Health Professions Advisory Committee

HPAC is the Health Professions Advisory Committee their purpose is to aid up-and-coming health professionals like yourselves, in accomplishing that very goal. They do this by evaluating students’ applications at multiple steps along the way in order to ensure that when you do submit that everything is in order and all you have to do on the date applications open is hit the submit button. 

The committee consists of 14 University of Houston faculty and staff members from almost every school on campus. The members of this committee evaluate students based on academic and biographical records, this information is collected through the student’s GPA, transcript, letters of recommendation, resume, and personal statement. In addition, the MCAT score may be considered if it is available at the time of review. Students will be assigned a ranking from 1-5 based on this criterion with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, this ranking is then presented to the student who then has the option to send the recommendation or to request it not be sent, in which case only the recommendation letters that the student provided would be the only ones sent.  

For more information, please visit the University of Houston official HPAC webpage:

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