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Dear Potential Sponsors and Donors,

My name is Rishitaa Tamminana, and I am proud to introduce myself as the President of the University of Houston Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, a nationally recognized pre-medical honor society with over forty chapters around the nation. As the largest pre-medical organization at UH, we serve over 300 people on a yearly basis and maintain contact with over 3,000 AED alumni through our Listserv. 


With our expansive reach on campus and beyond, we hope to create a partnership with your organization in order to foster our mutual success and ensure success for both our members and your clients. AED utilizes its funds to send members to medical brigades in underserved countries, organize and facilitate medical school tours, invite a variety of medical guest speakers to our events, and provide MCAT materials to our members. With your financial support, we can continue to help grow the next generation of healthcare providers while additionally supporting local businesses, as this tight-knit community enables us and is truly the one thing that allows AED to provide so endlessly.. 

Therefore, we are asking individuals and companies to help AED become even more useful and productive for its members. In order to keep our organization running, our team depends on fundraising, membership dues, and donations from our sponsors. It would be a great honor for us to have you as our sponsor. Please find attached a sponsorship form requesting your company/organization’s information as well as your donation information. Completed forms should be sent to our mailing address and we will send confirmation once received. We look forward to hearing from you.

With AED Pride,

    Rishitaa Tamminana   

   President 2023-2024

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