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Which is best for you?

Associate Membership

What is  Associate?
  • This membership is recommended for those who are new to AED.

  • Our chapter offers this option to all students that have yet to fulfill the requirements for full national membership but still want to participate in AED-sponsored events.

  • Please keep in mind that The National AED office does not recognize associate as official AED members. 

  • No specific qualifications required​

Dues & Application
  • $30 per Semester or $50 per Year (Includes AED T-Shirt)

  • Fill out THIS form

  • Pay using the button below

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National Membership

What is  National?
  • We encourage you to submit a National Application as soon as you can fulfill the Eligibility Requirements. 

  • You will gain even more priority for limited-spot events and opportunities. 

  • You will able to be nationally recognized as a member of AED and be eligible to receive a stole and cord.

  • 3.20 in both cumulative and science GPA and must possess a UH GPA.

  • At least 45 hours of college credit (Can be from UH, transferred from other higher education institutions, or accepted college credit classes taken in high school)

Dues & Application
  • $150 (Includes AED T-shirt)                  ​​*Any past amount paid for the associate will count towards this fee.*

  • Fill out THIS form

  • Make sure to fill out the NATIONAL MEMBERSHIP form and email it to

  • *DO NOT* pay for a National Membership until you have received a confirmation email from us.

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