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Upcoming Events

Sign-Up Reminders

  • Sign Up is required for all Limited Spot Events.

  • All Limited Spot Events will close 72 hours prior to the event. A Google Forms response email does not confirm you for the event;

  • You will not be allowed to attend If you are not confirmed

  • you must also receive a confirmation email from an AED officer 48 hours before the events.

  • Use the button below to access all of the available Limited Spot Events

  • You have up to 24 hours before the event to cancel without receiving a strike


You will recieve a strike if

  • You leave a limited spot event early without notifying an officer beforehand.

  • You show up to a limited spot event that you have not been confirmed for.

  • You sign up for carpool but do not show up without notifying us beforehand. 

  • You show up for a carpool to an event that you did not sign up for and did not notify an officer beforehand.

  • You signed up to donate items but do not donate them.

  • You show up late to a limited spot event. 

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