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Officer Intern Program

Welcome Prospective Interns!

Applications are now CLOSED!

Application Deadline: 02/09/2023

1st Meeting: 02/06/2023

What is the Officer Intern Program?

  • This is an opportunity for Alpha Epsilon Delta members to have access to the officers' roles. A “behind the scenes” view of what it really takes to run AED. In completion of this program you will be eligible to run to become an AED officer for the following Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 academic year. Within the program you will not only shadow current officers but complete tasks similar to those conducted by current officers. Furthermore, it is a social group within the large AED community, remember that those you intern with today can potentially be your fellow officers tomorrow.

What are Officer Intern Meetings going to be like?

  • There will be 4 officer intern meetings. During each meeting there will be updates on Officer Intern hosted events, any schedule changes, and upcoming events.

  • This is a time for officer interns to ask questions and collaborate with one another.

What specific skills will the Officer Intern Meetings develop?

  • We will have Officer Intern meetings in which we will help you develop skills such as interviews, public speaking, running events, and troubleshooting as a team, in preparation for your candidacy speech at the 6th general body meeting where active members will vote for the new officers.


Check out the Officer Intern Program from previous years!

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