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Prep101 Swag Giveaway

Prep101 provides AED with a 65% discount code off their prep course—this is worth $1500 in value! Prep101’s course includes 20 full-length exams, 32 in-class exams, annotated lecture notes, multiple MCAT prepbooks, and loads of extra benefits for students. 

To benefit and incentivize our members to try out Prep101, AED is starting a Prep101 Raffle! So not only will you be going through a carefully curated MCAT course that can boost your MCAT score by 15 points, but you can also win some extra swag on the side 😎

How does it work?

If you plan on taking the MCAT, listen up 👂

Whenever you use AED’s 65% discount code to purchase Prep101’s course, you will be entered in a raffle for a chance to win an AED merch package, which will include two previous shirts of different years of your size, two holo stickers, one pin, and a previous AED hoodie of your size. That’s about $140 worth of free swag for using AED’s discount code!


  1. Whenever you’ve done your research and are ready to purchase, head to and click the big “Register” button.

  2. Select a course that works best for you and hit “Buy Now.”

  3. Fill in your personal information, and under “Discount Code,” use code UHAED1500 for $1500 off your purchase.

  4. From then on, complete your purchase and save a screenshot of your receipt.

  5. To enter the raffle, please click here!

  6. Fill out the form, add your screenshot, and you are done!

  7. The winner will be announced on GBM#1 of the Spring Semester.

Best of Luck!

Best of luck to all entrants on their MCAT prep journey. 

For any questions, please reach out to me at

  • Please remember to put “Prep101 Swag - Your Name Here” in the subject line.

For successful entry, entrants MUST include a screenshot to prove validity. Any entry without a valid screenshot will be deemed insufficient and will be removed from the pool.

Valid screenshots include the following: 

  • Name 

  • Date of purchase

  • Receipt of purchase 

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