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AED Recruitment Scholarship

Here is how to get a chance to receive a full MCAT Course for FREE!

Only available from GBM #2 (2/8) to GBM #4 (3/7)

Winner will be announced at GBM #5

Hello AED Family! Our lovely sponsors at BeMo provided us with an amazing $2900 MCAT package to giveaway to one of our lucky members. This BeMo MCAT package provides 25 private MCAT sessions, a personalized study schedule, official AAMC practice materials, 12 practice tests, access to a 2000+ question bank, and the opportunity to work with the top 5% of admissions experts with a free repeat guarantee! 


The way this works is we will offer scholarship points for completing “recruitment tasks,” which are listed below with instructions. We will be choosing the member with the highest points as the winner of the scholarship!


1 Point Tasks (3 points total)
  • Have your friends or classmates

    • Subscribe to the AED Listserv (1 point)

    • Follow us on instagram (1 point)

    • Follow us on TikTok (1 point)

  • Share THIS FORM with your friend/classmate

  • Please report to us your friend's name so that we can confirm your point.  

    • Instagram: @aed_uh

    • TikTok: aeduofh

  • DEADLINE is GBM #4​

2 Point Tasks (6 points total)
  • Have your friends or classmates attend our General Body Meetings!

    • There will be a QR code for sign-in & sign​-out

    • Have your friends/classmates sign in/out as a regular member would and we will be tracking their attendance

      • (so nothing to fill out for you as the recruiter)​

    • They are not required to stay for the entire duration of the GBM, but if they only complete the sign-in form, you will only receive one point! 

5 Point Tasks
  • Have your friends or classmates become AED members!

    •  If your friends or classmates like what we have to offer and decide to become official members of AED, you will receive 5 points!​

    • We have added a line on the membership application form where they can list who referred them to AED!

  •  The deadline to submit membership applications is GBM 3; however, the deadline to submit payments is GBM 4. 


    • Please make sure that the prospective members document that you referred them! Especially when it comes to membership applications!

    • Feel free to reach out if you have any questions at 

      • ​Please put “Recruitment Scholarship - Your Name Here” in the subject line

    • These are NOT the same as active points! These points only apply toward receiving the scholarship!

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